Rugby in England

Welcome to this website about English rugby. The site considers some of the sponsors that currently support many of the rugby teams and also discusses the origins of the some of England’s most prominent clubs.


Some of rugby’s biggest sponsors play a crucial role in the financial and public relations roles of clubs. They receive free advertising and promotions from the clubs jerseys and much more. The success of the teams has a big impact on the amount of advertising and promotions that a team receives. This makes sponsorship exciting and also has an element of risk for companies.

Rugby Clubs

The history of rugby clubs in England is fascinating with many clubs having humble beginnings without any understanding about the size of the game today. Clubs such as Bath are hugely successful on the global stage, and Exeter is making a big impact on the modern game. Some teams have experienced controversy over the years because of their mascots. In contrast, others continue to redefine the popularity of the game by their expansion.

Rugby Matches

Some of the greatest rugby matches and the worst experiences by English rugby teams can be found on the website. From Jonny Wilkinson’s incredible dropkick to win the 2003 World Cup to the hellish 1998 tour when England was thrashed by Australia leading to its most dismal rugby ever can all be read about.

Rugby in England has a long and robust tradition with teams and sponsors that are truly global. Read all about some of the incredible history of the sport.