Alexander Kuznetsov: “Personally, I don’t believe in miracles!»

After two opening rounds of the Betting League – the Russian Championship, Bulava from Taganrog has “zero” in the points column. The team’s back coach was very critical and outspoken about the state of Affairs at the club.

You had two matches with the leaders at the start of the championship, how would you rate them?

For the level at which the team is located, the meetings were very productive. These were the first matches of this season, both for the team and for me personally, I first saw the “Mace” in the game. We have done a lot of work on tactics and the result was visible. Of course, everyone needs to win… but it’s too early to talk about this. We have seen our weaknesses in these matches and know what we need to work on and how.

You started both games well, but in the second half you completely lost the initiative to your opponent. What is the reason?

It’s very simple, the team has little experience in playing against such strong opponents. Only in such matches experience is added and the quality of the game increases, but everything takes time. Also, the physical form of the players leaves much to be desired, as fitness in modern Rugby is one of the main components. The guys really need to work more on this.

On July 2, the next match with another grandee-VVA-Podmoskovye. What is your forecast?

I would not make predictions, since any match, first of all, is an experience and the same training process, only in a fight. I think that every game is a small victory in some way. I understand what you would like to hear. Of course, everyone is waiting for the team to win, but for now we must work long and fruitfully to show them to you. Even with the squad that we have already played with, it would be difficult to win against VVA, and if we put young and inexperienced players on the field… Personally, I don’t believe in miracles!

We need to work long and hard! It’s too early to talk about victories!

Before the start of the championship, your goal was to get into the top six. After these two failures, have the plans changed?

The goal was, Yes. Or rather, we were set such a goal. I met with the team only in mid-March and after the pandemic, I saw it in action only now.

I see that there is a lot of work to do. As the professional training of players, the training process, everything necessary for this, the composition and number of players, everything is really subject to review. But there are also issues of funding. All taken together leaves much to be desired.

You need to work very hard, starting with the school, including the Academy, which does not exist, and ending with a professional team, which has yet to become a team… And only then, you can make a guess and set the goal of getting into the six. So far, this is just empty talk.

… and 3: 52 with “Yenisei” (With)RK “Bulava”

What do you think the team needs to improve the game, what positions would you like to strengthen?

The team needs to get players in many positions and in General, increase the squad, as 25 Rugby players is very small for a professional club. There should be 56 players, and management should create the conditions necessary for coaches to be able to perform the tasks assigned to them.