“Eating in huge quantities is my main bad habit»

We tell you about the largest player of the world Cup 2019, who was expelled from racing because of his excess weight.

“In my school years, I played volleyball. Yes, I wasn’t always as big as I am now. Although looking at me, many people wonder how I can even run with this weight, ” jokes Ben Tameifuna, who even went out for a charity Boxing fight in 2014.

In modern elite level Rugby, it is difficult to find a player whose weight would be more than 150 kg. But the Oakland native is an exception. On the eve of the world Cup 2019, the scales under Tameifuna showed 153 kg. He became the largest player of the tournament in Japan, and his closest pursuers Australian Taniela Tapu and Welshman Thomas Francis weighed 135 kg.

After the Tongans left the ISLAND, Ben returned home and … let himself down.

“I knew that when I returned to France, the next six months would be Rugby, Rugby, Rugby and nothing else. I wanted these three weeks of vacation just to relax. All I did was eat and play video games with my friends, sometimes helping my mother with the housework. My mother cooks very well and, of course, I couldn’t resist. Pork, mutton… there were no restrictions on my diet.”

After gaining another 7 kg in 20 days, Tameifuna flew to Paris, where the coaches of “racing” were horrified, forbidding the guy to train until he lost weight. At that moment, the post had to rethink its attitude to the case.

“On that day, I promised that I would never weigh so much again and would start monitoring my diet again. I realized that I made a mistake and did not get out of cardio training and crossfit for the next few months.”

Ben lost 15 kg, but even this did not satisfy the coaching staff of racing. The capital club refused to renew the contract with the player. However, the Tongan giant quickly found a new team, signing an agreement with Bordeaux.

“You know, people have all sorts of bad habits, mine is food in huge quantities. But this harms not only your career, but also your health. I may be big and ugly on the outside, but inside I am a very kind person. So don’t be afraid to say Hello to me when you meet, I promise I won’t eat you, “the post concluded.