Only registered amateur rugby clubs (excluding universities) that are set up with a formal constitution known as a governing document are eligible to participate. Only persons affiliated with the rugby club should create an account for that club. The applicant on behalf of the rugby club must live in England, Scotland or Wales and be aged 18 or over. Only one account per rugby club.

Visit www.crabbiesrugby.co.uk to create an account. Start collecting barcodes from the outer packaging of Crabbie’s participating packs (see ‘where do I find my barcode?’ for images). The barcodes you collect will earn you reward points. Once you have enough reward points to claim a reward, place your order online. To complete your order you need to print off the claim form and send this in to the address provided along with your barcodes. Received orders will be checked, validated and rewards despatched.

Yes, you will need to buy Crabbie’s packs (as listed below) and retain the front barcode to collect points. A breakdown of applicable Crabbie’s products and reward points is listed below:

  • Crabbies Original 12 x 250ml Cans (05011166033745 or 05011166033240) = 6 points
  • Crabbies Original 12 x 500ml Bottles (05011166028574) = 12 points
  • Crabbies Original 8 x 500ml Bottles (05011166028901) = 8 points
  • Crabbies Original Light 12 x 250ml Cans (05011166033769 or 05011166033264) = 6 points
  • Crabbies Original Light 12 x 500ml Bottles (05011166032939) = 12 points
  • Crabbies Raspberry 12 x 250ml Cans (05011166033752 or 05011166033257) = 6 points
  • Crabbies Raspberry 12 x 500ml Bottles (0501166030935) = 12 points
  • Crabbies Raspberry 8 x 500ml Bottles (05011166030942) = 8 points
  • Crabbies Strawberry & Lime 12 x 500ml Bottles (05011166030980) = 12 points
  • Crabbies Strawberry & Lime 8 x 500ml Bottles (05011166030997) = 8 points

A breakdown of the Rugby Rewards and the point’s value is listed below. These are subject to availability and rewards & required points may change during the Reward Scheme:

  • Rhino Hurricane XIII Training Ball: 96 points
  • Rhino Tornado XIII Match Ball: 216 points
  • Rhino Cyclone XV Training Ball: 96 points
  • Rhino Meteor XV Match Ball: 216 points
  • Breathable Bag: 144 points
  • Ram Gripper Ball: 96 points
  • Gilbert Match Ball: 216 points
  • Ram Senior Contact Pad: 408 points
  • Ram Reversible Bibs: 288 points
  • Pro Training Bundle: 792 points
  • Ram Senior Tackle Bag: 864 points

The Reward Scheme opens on 3rd October 2016 and closes at 23:59:59 on 30 June 2017.

The claim form and barcodes would need to be received by no later than 14th July 2017 at 23:59:59.

The barcode is on the front of the Crabbie’s pack. The barcode can be found on the front of the pack tray or box.











We need the posted order form and required number of Barcodes to verify your online order. The barcodes act as a proof of purchase required to claim your reward. Please be sure to send in your order form and barcodes within 14 days of placing the online order. Postal orders not received within 14 days will be cancelled and the selected reward will be returned to the available stock.

Yes, your account details are required for us to generate the order form. We will also despatch the reward to the address specified in your account, unless otherwise advised. You can also track the status of your order when accessing your account dashboard.

If a reward is listed as out of stock then this reward is currently unavailable. We will do what we can to make a reward available, but we advise that you select an alternative.

At the bottom of your dashboard you will see your order history. This will provide you with the following details:

  • The date the order was placed online.
  • The order number (please use as reference if you contact customer services).
  • The item you have ordered.
  • The points required to redeem the reward.
  • Order status.
  • PDF to view or print the order form.

You can login to your account and check the status of your order at any time.

Your reward will be delivered within 31 days by a courier or by a Halewood representative.

We advise that you take pictures of your barcodes prior to sending these in. Contact customer services to advise that your order was posted but may have been lost.

To edit your accounts details visit your dashboard and click on the ‘Account’ button. You can edit and save your details here.

Try and login with your email address and attempt a likely password. If the password is incorrect a link is shown for you to click and reset your password. You’ll need to re-enter your email address and a link will be sent to you with instructions for how to reset your password.

If you wish to delete your account for any reason, please contact Customer Services via Customer.Services@halewood-int.com and we’ll organise this for you.

Please allow 28 days for it to arrive.  If after this time it still hasn’t arrived, please contact Customer Services via Customer.Services@halewood-int.com

For further information, please view the full Terms and Conditions.