Jaypee Neal: “We managed to prepare well for this duel»

The Strela coach is happy that the plan for the match began to be implemented from the very first minutes.

“It was a very difficult game in which both teams needed to win! I am glad that we were able to prepare well for this duel. It’s great that our guys came out on the field and started playing from the first minute! This is what we failed to do a week ago in the match with Lokomotiv Penza ! I congratulate our team with the deserved victory!”, – emotional spoke mentor “Zilant”.

On the question of penalties, which were not always successful, Jaypee Neal answered as follows:

“Penalties are always 50-50 – whether you score or not and we don’t know what will happen in the next second! But I will note that the referee played the game well today, and saw the moments at the right angle, and we were able to adjust our shots in the second half of the match.”

Magomed Davudov: “Psychologically, we approached this match correctly»

In the post-match commentary, the captain of Strela spoke about the main components of success in the match with Slava.

“And before that, we had difficult games and this meeting was not easy for us. We have already adapted to the changes in the rules and refereeing, and we can say that we had good discipline in this match, which was the key to success. The management and the coach did not say that we should win today, but they said that we can do it, so the guys believed in themselves.

The guys who came on as replacements were also very well set up for the game. During the break, we talked in the dressing room and thanks to this we were able to add in movement and other components. Psychologically, we approached this match correctly.

For the first season, we are going well in the tournament. We did not set ourselves the task of necessarily reaching the playoffs or taking a specific place. For us, the main thing is to show what we are capable of and from this point of view, every match is important for us. We give our all in every game.”

In the home match with the Slavs, the Kazan team won with a score of 35: 19 and almost guaranteed itself a place in the playoffs of the Russian championship.