Johan Tromp: “I probably won’t play for the national team again»

To your attention, a Frank interview of the full-back of the Kazan “Strela”.

Your father was a Rugby player. Do you remember his game?

  • My dad played for the Namibian club NBC, and in 1990 he played three test matches for South-West Africa, as Namibia was called before independence. Unfortunately, I didn’t see matches with his participation, but he coached me, lit a “Rugby fire” in me, taught me to be committed to this game.

Did you graduate from the University of Pretoria?

  • Yes, I studied in the capital of South Africa and I have an ETA diploma-fitness trainer/trainer in the gym. I can’t imagine my life without Rugby, but if necessary, I will support myself in the profession.

After University, You were viewed at the Pumas camp. Were they in the bulls structure at the time, or had they already moved to the lions?

“The pumas were on their own. They gave players to both the Bulls and Lions, but only if they asked for it.

You came straight home from camp Pumas. Why? Didn’t fit?

  • To be honest, I suddenly wanted to quit Rugby and get a job in the gym. I can’t explain why… I don’t know what came over me… But I quickly felt that I couldn’t live without playing – Rugby is my main motivator. That’s why I’m at the Arrow.

You played with the Eastern Province kings in the Curry cap. What game for the Kings do I still remember?

  • It was in 2016, we were just brought together from different regions. In the first game, we almost beat the bulls»… Visiting… at Loftus»… In this legendary arena… I have never experienced a stronger feeling in Currie Cup.

In 2017, You played your only Super Rugby match for the southern kings. Right?

“We fought to the death against the sharks in Durban. They showed character and strength. It’s a pity, but we didn’t have enough time to win. However, I will always remember my only Super Rugby match.

You played 45 games for Namibia. Which of them is the most memorable?

  • When you defend the honor of your country in big tournaments, you appreciate every game. But, there are a couple of matches that are especially expensive – my first game for the national team and a meeting with the All Blacks at the world Cup 2015. However, the 2019 world Cup matches also hold a special place in my life.

In Your piggy Bank 19 attempts for the national team. To come out on top and beat Chrysander Bota, who is older than You, you need to enter ten more times. Is it real?

“I don’t think so… I probably won’t play for the national team again.


  • I want to concentrate on my club career.