Jonny May: pole vaulter who became one of the best wingers on the planet

In February 2020, may was one of the top five try scorers for England. A double in the game with “Le Bleu” allowed johnny to bring the number of skids in the “Scarlet Roses” Rugby to 29 and oust Jason Robinson from the TOP 5. For the first time in 13 years, someone new broke into the top five finishers.

Rory underwood still has an almost unattainable 20 attempts, but it is quite possible to overtake Jeremy Guscott, Ben Cohen and will Greenwood, who have 30 and 31 skids – may. The main reason is the endless desire of the player to learn and become better.

“I am an eternal student of Rugby, for whom sport is like a lecture where you develop. My plan is very simple: get faster and smarter. Yes, physical speed is great, but the skill to quickly make the right decisions on the field is no less important. This is my main motivation, because I see a large number of aspects in which I can become better,” explains johnny.

Indeed, the player always had speed. As a child, the future winger of the “Red Roses” easily ran away from rivals not only on the lawn, but also in the yard during the chase. He was the same child who ran around during the holidays from morning to night tirelessly, and whose mother still could not drive home.

“I was full of energy. I went everywhere: gymnastics, track and field, Rugby, basketball, soccer. One day, a friend and I were approached by a physical education teacher, Mr. white, and offered to try pole vaulting. We didn’t even think about the answer, but immediately said “Yes”. It was real old school: old poles and a sandbox instead of trampolines, but we liked it.”

At the same time, may did not forget about Rugby and was a member of the Bath Academy. However, when all England watched the triumph of Clive Woodward’s charges in Australia, johnny had a national pole vault competition, where he finished in seventh place. Perhaps that is why the winger never got to bath, having started his adult career in 2009 as a member of the modest RC Moseley at the bottom of the English League system. But the player does not regret anything.

“I want to tell the children just one thing – do all the sports that you like. You will acquire invaluable skills that will be useful to you no matter who you become in the future.”

Despite the fact that Jonny may turned 30 in April, it seems that he still has plenty of energy. Instead of walking and picnics on weekends, he prefers skydiving, bungee jumping and other active entertainment. Although the Rugby player admits that over the years he began to treat himself more carefully.

“My body is my instrument. If you don’t watch it, it will fail you one day. My father is an example for me. He is very hardworking and scrupulous about his health. Dad is still very cheerful and doesn’t even think about quitting his job. No matter what the weather is or what the mood is, the father just gets up, goes to work and does his job. I like this approach. Continuous self-improvement is what I believe in.”