Jordan Taufua stayed in the “Leicester»

It was assumed that the new Zealander could join the “Leicester five” (Manu Tuilagi, Kyle Eastmond, Telusa Vainu, Greg Bateman and Noel Reid), a group of players who refused to take a pay cut and have already left the club. However, as Leicester Director of Rugby Jordan Murphy said, ” Taufua said from the very beginning of the negotiations that he wanted to stay at the tigers.

“We are entering a new period in the history of our team − with a new look at the game from the coaching staff, dedicated athletes and excellent young people who are taking their first steps in professional Rugby. Difficult times only harden people, and I am sure that Leicester will come out of this crisis with the help of our guys, coaches, staff− all who are dedicated to their work and want to contribute to the revival of Leicester, “Murphy added in an interview with the club’s official website.

Ian Foster: “This is not a charity»

The All Blacks coach supported the opinion of his predecessor, Steve Hansen, who believes there should be fewer Australian teams in the new Super Rugby format.

NZR officials are expected to publish their vision for the future of the TRANS-Tasman tournament, which will replace Super Rugby, this week. It is assumed that the formula will be as follows: eight franchises, five of them new Zealand, three Australian. And perhaps even less – only two teams from the mainland and one franchise representing the Pacific Islands.

Ian foster is in favor of this format: “we are not a charity. We need to be sure that the new teams are viable, and they are supported by both the society and the fans. Tournament participants must be both competitive and financially stable. In the past, we have already seen how teams that could not compete on equal terms with their rivals were included in the tournament to attract new fans, and we had to constantly reformat the competition. So we must do everything possible to ensure that our five teams have good competitors. In new Zealand franchises, I’m sure let Australia name their candidates for the tournament, then we’ll talk.”

Neighboring competitors, who had four teams in the last Super Rugby draw, threatened that they would not allow their representation to be reduced, and if anything, they would organize a separate championship. Their position can be understood − at the stage of preliminary discussion, we were talking about a 5+5 formula with the possibility of expanding by representing the teams of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Japan, Argentina, etc.