Mikheil Gachechiladze: “The attention of fans is always nice»

The forward of the third line of “Yenisei-STM” was recognized by readers Rugger.info the best player of the third round of the Betting League-the Russian Championship, despite the fact that he returned to the team from Georgia just three days before the match. We asked Miho how he managed to cross the border, quickly break into the base, immediately show the level and make an attempt.

One match in the new Russian Championship was enough for readers Rugger.info recognized You as the best player on the tour. This status is not unusual…

I may have been recognized as the best player on the tour more than once, but it’s always nice, so I sincerely thank everyone who supported my candidacy in this poll. The recognition from the fans is especially nice, because I go out on the field with the goal of pleasing them. And every time I feel such joy, as if it happened to me for the first time. This is a strong incentive for at least the next game.

For some reason, the borders are still closed, but you still managed to join the team three days before the game with Strela. Tell us, how did you get from Tbilisi to Krasnoyarsk?

It was a long process. I was supposed to arrive in Krasnoyarsk three weeks earlier. I had a visa and a document certifying my right to work, but when I called The state Department of borders, they told me that since I am a citizen of Georgia, I have the right to leave the country only after July 1. Consultations were held between the Georgian Rugby Union and the management of Yenisei ,additional documents were sent from Krasnoyarsk, and all this took two weeks.

“We are preparing to meet with the VVA with all seriousness and diligence” (C) RK ” Yenisei-STM»

However, I did not have a definite response from the Department of borders, so I took a car and drove to the Upper Lars checkpoint. I crossed the border of Georgia without any problems. There were about two dozen of us in total, and three of us had problematic documents, so we had to stay in the neutral zone for another three or four hours. When everything finally settled down, I got to Vladikavkaz, where I flew to Moscow, and the next morning I flew to Krasnoyarsk

…And a few days after such a tedious journey, we played against Strela, scored a good try and were named the best player of the tour…

To be honest, I’m very tired. Let’s forget these wanderings – after all, I haven’t had a game practice for five months! During this period I trained continuously, but the game requires a completely different energy, so after the first half I felt very tired. But anyway, in a few episodes I was lucky and overall it turned out to be a good game.

Tell us about your attempt…

I caught the moment! I have been playing in this team for the fifth year, and we all know about each other, we know who is capable of what. Our No. 9 Alexey Shcherban can throw short passes. So: I saw a free space, ran there and a pass from Shcherban did not keep me waiting. I rushed to the test and got a good try. If there had been another scrum-half, it wouldn’t have worked. He knows how to play like this, and this attempt is to some extent his merit.

Gachechiladze resumed team training three weeks ago in Tbilisi as part of the Georgian national team (C) SRG

On July 10, you have a game with VVA-Moscow region, which will probably be one of your competitors in the fight for the championship…

I consider VVA one of the best teams in the championship and our direct competitor. Perhaps before the game to “veinlets” join Lasha Malagarazi that even more will make them stronger. We are preparing for this meeting with all seriousness and diligence. Easy game will not work, it will be a glorious battle! In General, I am very happy that many teams have strengthened. A couple of years ago, we often won with a crushing score, but now we are all reinforced by Legionnaires, mainly South Africans. I am happy about this, because we will have a good championship. In addition, everyone plays against us with a special attitude, and it is also very interesting.

Tell us how you endured the period of quarantine in Georgia.

In a way, it’s been two wonderful months. Nikoloz Khatiashvili and I arrived in Georgia together and spent two weeks of quarantine in Gudauri together. Arrival in Tbilisi coincided with the time when traffic was prohibited. I bought a Bicycle right away and rode it all day. Every morning, together with friends, I went to Vake Park, where from 9 am to 14:00 I trained in one breath, not noticing how time flew by. At the same time, I studied with Lexo Burnadze, a well-known specialist in running. And three weeks ago, training resumed in the Georgian national team, of course, under the supervision of doctors and in compliance with all regulations. Of course, this process was a great pleasure.