Bath Football Club

Bath Football Club is based in Somerset England and is one of the most successful teams in English and international sporting history. The team has won numerous championships at the highest level. The team’s reputation for undersized players beginning from its early history came to be an advantage when the speed of the game took precedence in the 1960s.

History of the Club

Bath’s history goes back to 1865 and the team has been competing at the highest levels ever since. The team is one of the world’s oldest sporting outfits. A squad developed in 1865 when the Lansdown Cricket Club decided to make a team in winter to maintain the fitness of the cricket team. They acquired the Recreation Ground in 1884 which continues to be the team’s home ground capable of holding 14,000 people. The team was known for its lighter weight squads but like most teams now has a heavier squad.

Bath began to dominate in the 1980s when the team won tournaments such as the John Player/Pilkington Special Cup. The team also showed their skills when the Premier League began and they won six premierships within eight years. England coach Jack Rowell guided the Bath team through the ‘Golden Era’ of the ’80s and ’90s. The team has been victorious in the Anglo-Welsh Cup, The Heineken Cup and the European Challenge Cup. The team was coached by Mike Ford until he left in 2015-16 with Tabai Matson now being the head coach.

The team is currently sixth on the table having won four and lost four games. It has shown their potential to be giant killers having beaten Exeter who are the current leaders of the table and second-placed Northampton Saints.

Bath currently sits midfield on the Rugby Premiership ladder and have shown potential midseason but their chances will depend on the fatigue of players as the season continues.