Exeter Chiefs

Exeter is currently at the top of the table in the UK Gallagher Premiership Rugby and is looking to take out the Premiership after taking the runner up position last year after the playoffs. The team has not been able to take out the cup since its 2013/14 season win against Northampton.

Rugby is attaining big audiences in Devon and Sandy Park is one of the largest stadiums in the UK. The stadium hosted the World Cup in 2015 and it can hold around 20, 600 spectators.

Early History of the Club

The club’s history dates back to the 1870s when they started playing at the Devon County Ground with only around a 700 seat capacity. The ground was also shared with a number of other sporting clubs like the cricket club. There were also many events held for cycling and there were horse shows held at the same ground. In 2002 the club decided to build a new stadium at Sandy Park which could now accommodate 8,200 people. In 2010, the team worked tirelessly to make sure that it would go through to the Premiership league for the first time after they triumphed over the Bristol Bears. The team first made it to the European Rugby Champions’ Cup in 2018-19.

Interesting Facts about the Exeter Chiefs

  • The Exeter Chiefs is a nickname that was given to the club back in the 1930s.
  • The chiefs have been criticised for taking on the name associated with Native American Indians and have been criticized by scholars and U.S native America campaigners who believe the name is related to England’s Imperial American past. The name has remained with the team despite the controversy.
  • The team has had a number of excellent players in the England Rugby Union team such as fullback Jack Nowell.

The team is getting stronger and stronger making them tough to beat in 2019-20.