Biggest Wins In UK Rugby History 2003

Many people remember England’s huge win against the Wallabies in 2003 four years after making the World Cup Quarter Finals in 1999. A field goal by Jonny Wilkinson scored in the very last seconds of extra time was one of the biggest moments in English sporting history.

The Big Game

The 2003 World Cup was set to be a hopeful one for England and the team was recognised as one of the favourites. They made the final against the Wallabies and played a gruelling final against Australia. The score was 14 all at the end of the game and extra time ensued. Both teams scored one penalty and it looked like the game might end in a draw. Then Jonny Wilkinson made the biggest move of his sporting career. He hit a dropkick that went over the posts in the last seconds. The Brit fans were hysterical as the colour white could be seen standing in the crowd as the goal went over.

The 20-17 win by England was too much for many disappointed Wallabies fans.

Wilkinson Was Not A One Kick Wonder

These days champion Wilkinson contributes extensively to the training of Rugby players in England. Wilkinson was more than just the man that made England proud of their national team again. He is the biggest points scorer in the Rugby World Cup after scoring 277 points from 1999 to 2011.

Why It Was Such A Huge Win For England

Wilkinson’s goal made England World Cup Champions for the first time ever. They had been runners up in 1991 and made the Quarter Finals in 1999. England was ecstatic as the last big international win they had on a world scale was the country’s win in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

The 2003 World Cup win will be talked about for years to come and remains a huge historical sporting event for the Brits.