Rugby Club Sponsors

Rugby clubs in England all have a number of sponsors which are usually different sized companies. Many people always see sponsors on a team’s jersey but little is known about the true role of sponsors by general sports fans. The role of sponsors often goes beyond financial contributions and it plays a huge role in the support of large sporting clubs and links to the public.

The Role of Sponsors

Sponsors give financial contributions to clubs so that they can invest in uniforms, clothing, training materials and much more. In exchange, the companies can promote their brand or logo and be mentioned in presentations by the club. Sponsors also receive free advertising at the club. Many clubs also provide free goods and services to players depending on the company’s niche.

Some of the free goods and services received include free sporting equipment and clothing but can be much more extensive. For example, discounted financial products or even motor vehicles.

Sponsorship and the Public

Sponsors also play a part in providing public relations for rugby teams and offer a valuable link between the sponsor, club and the public. For example, the Exeter Chiefs’ sponsor South West Communications Group gave one prize winner fan a free ride on the club’s bus to the stadium to promote the club’s new shirts in 2018/19. The prize winner also received shirts, photos with the team and tickets to an Exeter Chiefs’ pre-season game. The competition was an obvious marketing ploy as fans were encouraged to enter the competition through swcomms’ social media. While some people may not enjoy the over selling of sports to business, the contributions that they make can be a luck for some fans that would do anything to have contact with their favourite players and teams.

Sponsors will continue to offer a valuable financial and public relations role to rugby clubs while enjoying the promotional opportunities offered by their chosen teams.