Sarel Pretorius retired from sports

The famous scrum-half already works for an insurance company in Bloemfontein.

The South African, nicknamed “Super”, played his last match for the kings in the PRO-14. During his career, he played for Newcastle, ChiTaS, Waratahs and Dragons.

Now the athlete spends more time with his family and gets used to a new place, but does not rule out that he will return to Rugby: “The game has always been my passion, so ideally, I would love to go into coaching. Because of the quarantine, it is still difficult to make plans, but who knows-I have everything ahead of me.”

The appearance of Rugby in Hawaii is canceled?

Although the North American major League allegedly gave preliminary consent for the “Kanaloa Hawaii” franchise to play in the tournament from 2021, the club’s management seems to have been hasty with loud statements.

Senator from the state of Hawaii Glenn Wakai denied in an interview with local media that the team’s creators have already agreed with all sponsors and authorities: “They said that they have an agreement with the tourism authority, which has never heard of them, with the stadium administration, which has never seen them, with the University of Hawaii – it has deprived them of a base for training at all, and with Hawaiian airlines – the company was named as sponsors, but this is not true,” the Senator said.

It is noteworthy that this, especially the desire of the stadium to host a Rugby team, was recently discussed by team Manager Cam Kilgour. And the announced CEO of the club, Tracy Atiga, is already making plans for the franchise to appear in Super Rugby, not in major leagues – at least, according to the girl, they are in talks with the new Zealanders. And this is while there are less than three months left to submit all the necessary documents to the major leagues.